7 Reasons To Include Superfoods In Your Diet
Secret to Living Healthy And Longer

7 Reasons To Include Superfoods In Your Diet Secret to Living Healthy And Longer

All superfoods have one thing in common - they are extremely nutrient-rich which means they have a powerful effect on your health and well-being. Foods like turmeric, goji berries, spirulina etc contain substances that have the capacity to positively affect health and it has been proven by science. Here are the 7 reasons to include 'superhero' foods in your diet.

1. Reduced risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Foods like goji berries, green tea and dark chocolate are loaded with antioxidants that prevent cell damage and can protect you from heart disease. Improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, reduced plaque buildup - benefits that surely add up when it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases. Heart health promoting compounds found in these foods are in incredibly high concentration, hence a little goes a long way.

2. They fight cancer

Compounds found in turmeric, berries and green tea have anti-cancer effects, improve antioxidant activity and have the potential to prevent DNA damage. They are also capable of inhibiting the formation of carcinogens.

3. Strong immune system

Building up a strong immune system is impossible without vitamin-rich antioxidant packed foods. Along vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli and spinach together with fruits like oranges, papayas and kiwis there are certain plant roots and leaves that make an incredible immune system booster. Think turmeric, with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and green tea, that increases germ-fighting compounds within your cells.


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4. Weight control

Cruciferous vegetables, fruits are excellent sources of nutrition, especially when trying to lose fat as they are full of fibre and high in water content which makes them highly satiating. To increase satiety factor even more, dark chocolate and green tea are both very helpful additions. Cocoa beans increase fat oxidation and feeling of fullness. Matcha green tea is a great metabolism booster.

5. Great digestion

Gut health is crucial to maintain a strong immune system, feel energetic and to keep skin healthy. Foods like turmeric have been recognized as an alternative therapy for gastrointestinal problems. Black cumin seeds relieve stomach cramps and pains and reduce bloating.

6. Stress alleviation

Most nuts and seeds are known to effectively fight stress. That is because they contain various minerals necessary for normal brain function. Therefore, snacking on nuts or using different spices and seeds while cooking is a smart move. Try cashews on your favourite dish or black cumin seeds in a curry. They possess the anxiety and fatigue relieving properties.

7. Mental clarity and focus

The very same foods that are good for your heart health are also good for the brain. If the brain is being supplied by nutrients from quality sources, there is no room for headaches, brain fog or memory problems. Adding dark leafy greens, walnuts, berries, tea and coffee into your daily diet will certainly improve brain function.

Some foods are better for you than others but it is not always what you desire to eat. It takes time to learn to love natural, nourishing foods. They tend to have an earthy flavour and a texture that you might not be used to. Supplements like Premium Super Green offer a ton of benefits of superfoods in a single scoop which is mixed with juice, smoothie or even water. It is quick, easy and most importantly, tastes amazing. Premium Super Green is a blend of 7 superfoods that is designed to battle stress and fuel immunity one scoop at a time. Getting healthy never tasted so good!


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Try now with a 60 day money-back guarantee

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